Shape Your Body Without Gym: Tony Horton’s Traveler’s Workout

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Getting a fresh start in the day is important. It makes your brainwork faster and more accurate. There are multiple benefits of doing a workout at as early as five or six in the morning. Tony Horton has designed this workout to help people achieve their weight goals without having to go to a gym.

What is Tony Horton’s Traveler’s workout

Tony Horton’s Traveler’s workout was initially famous as the ‘hotel room workout.’ Later on, the name was changed. The reason being that while in a hotel, one will never want to have a hectic workout as early as 7 am. Therefore, Tony came up with a set of exercises that anyone can easily do whenever and wherever possible.

Tony Horton’s Workout Guide

If you follow the instructions of a healthy workout, you will be able to appreciate that it helps you in a whole lot of ways. For instance, it helps by keeping you fresh all day long. Tony Horton suggested three sets of exercises. One set of exercise is a stress free extensive work out for your cardio muscles and boosts the rate of your heart, which effectively enhances pumping of blood around the body.

Traveler’s Workout exercising techniques

The first thing to do when you start Tony Horton’s set of gym free exercise is to warm up by running. Then do some elbow-to-knee crunch, squats, and then pushups. This will get you going.

Tony Horton Travelers workout

Other exercises will make you sweat more and push your body to do some exhilarating exercises. It includes jumping jacks for about a minute and then Hip Rock Raise. It is a great exercise when you get accustomed to it.

Then carry on with some Step Back Lunges and with military pushups. This will tone your body further and build tension in your muscles. These exercises will increase the pain threshold of your body. Do some minutes of Tires on Fire, followed by Crunchy Frog and finally, Run Stance Squat Switch. When you just want to lie down, do not start Wide pushups.

Like all other exercise routines, bring your body back to the normal pace and in this phase go for Fast Feet and Mason Twist. When you are finished with these, do Pile Squat with Calf Raise and lastly finish off with Switch Hand Pushups. This will be the final push of your healthy workout.

The Benefits

These exercises are a great way to avoid going to the gym, and you can still be able to take care of your fitness. Keeping yourself fit and healthy does not require you to visit a gym, and that is why Tony Horton came up with this idea to provide you with a set of exercises that will help you stay in shape whether you are in a hotel, traveling or at home.


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