Strawberry Shakeology Review – New Non-Vegan Shakeology Flavor Launched!

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Strawberry Shakeology The new Non-Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology formula has launched and and shipment has started. Shakeology lovers all over the world are super excited to get their hands on it – are you too?

What is Strawberry Shakeology?

A non-vegan formula of the previous vegan Tropical Shakeology, this new flavor is going to serve the same purpose to augment health and fitness, but will taste a lot more strawberry-like.

So, if you had wanted to make your healthiest meal of the day more like a smoothie – or a strawberry shake – then you are in luck. Mix and blend your favorite Shakeology shakes together (Chocolate-Strawberry or Vanilla-Strawberry) and enjoy the richness of taste in each sip you take.

Here is what Strawberry Shakeology reviews tell us about the new flavor:

  • It is going to focus more on the taste of delicious Strawberries.
  • It is more of a smoothie flavor – lighter and more refreshing.
  • There is no gritty taste in the new Shakeology flavor it is just smooth!

Refresh your mid-day with a cool healthy strawberry drink, or energize with a light tasting shake, then get Strawberry Shakeology and get the high dose of dense nutrition that is low in calories.

Want to Try The New Shakeology Flavor?

This new Strawberry Shakeology will be available on its own or in the form of the new Neapolitan individual combo pack with 8 chocolate, 8 Strawberry, and 8 Vanilla Shakeology satchels!

To buy New Strawberry Shakeology, click below:

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