Smokers – Detoxify Your Lungs With Good Food!!

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Have you recently quit smoking or are trying to quit smoking? Well, let me congratulate you!!! That is the first step to good health. I recently found an excellent article on detoxifying your lungs after cigs, that I thought was great, from Natural Cures Not Medicine. I am including that here:
Starting from the main cause, and healing from that perspective is your best bet in ensuring your lungs heal naturally – below are some of the top tips in healing your lungs!


Eat Lung Healthy Foods

Eating for lung health is one of the main steps to improve the condition of your lungs. Removing highly processed foods, and mucus causing foods (wheat and animal products), as well as refined sugar is the first step. The next step is to bombard your body with food that contains life and vitality!

These foods include things like watercress, apricots, citrus fruits, apples, broccoli and berries, all of which have been shown to improve the health of our lungs. Not only should you be consuming a large variety of fruit and vegetables, but you should also aim for drinking 3-4L of water, DAILY. Flushing out our system with plenty of fluids will dislodge chemicals from our cells, and help our cilia in becoming more fluid and helping them with getting rid of debris inside the lungs.

Get Moving

Exercise is incredibly important to keep your lungs strong and healthy (or to repair them from damage done by asthma or smoking for example). Exercise helps loosen mucus build-up, and aids cilia in pushing mucus up and out of the lungs.

When you exercise, your muscles need to work harder and thus every cell in your body uses more oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide. In order to compensate for this demand, your lungs need to work harder, and thus breathing increases from around 15 times a minute (resting state) to 40-60 times a minute (exercise state).

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