Shakeology Boost: Digestive Health

Shakeology BoostDid you know the average American gets less than half the Daily Recommended amount of fiber? Now you can get over half of your daily recommended amount of fiber when you add this boost to Chocolate Shakeology.† Digestive Health Boost supplies your body with a potent blend (7 grams) of both soluble AND insoluble fiber, setting this formula apart from typical fiber supplements that only contain soluble fiber. Plus, when you choose Home Direct, our monthly autoship program, you save on shipping every month.**

A quick and easy way to help support regularity and digestive health.

Digestive Health Boost may help decrease bloating‡ and digestive discomfort, as well as keep you regular. Not only does it have the optimal ratio of soluble and insoluble fiber to help keep you regular, this boost also contains ALA omega-3 fatty acids, which helps support cardiovascular health.

Why do I need this Boost in addition to Shakeology?

Depending on your changing lifestyle and specific dietary needs (whether you have digestive issues or if you temporarily clogged your system with junk food), there are those times when your body calls for a little more help in the digestion department. So when you’re experiencing irregularity, bloating, or discomfort, this boost will help with those uncomfortable symptoms while getting you back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

What’s in Digestive Health Boost and what its ingredients can do for you:*

  • Chicory Root and Pea Fiber – Help maintain digestive system health and regularity.
  • Insoluble fiber from Chia and Flax Seeds – Good source of insoluble fiber, plus they contribute alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid. ALA helps support cardiovascular health.
  • Soluble fiber from Psyllium Husk – As part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it may reduce the risk of heart disease.


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How to use:

  • Gently shake the jar to loosen the compressed powder. Then combine one level scoop (15 g) of Digestive Health Boost with Shakeology, or the beverage of your choice. If too thick, add more liquid as needed, then consume promptly.
  • For new users, you may want to start with a half scoop and gradually increase to the recommended intake, as your body adjusts to added fiber in your diet.

What makes Digestive Health Boost better than other fiber products?

  • While most other products on the market only contain soluble fiber, Digestive Health Boost contains BOTH soluble and insoluble fiber—which are both equally important to our digestive health.

‡Based on a survey of 63 respondents who felt or looked bloated before drinking the product, who consumed Digestive Health Boost with Shakeology once per day for one week.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**With Home Direct, you’ll receive this item every 30 days, shipped directly to your door and billed to the credit card used today in the amount of: $49.95 a month for Focused Energy Boost, $44.95 a month for Digestive Health Boost, and $34.95 a month for Power Greens Boost a month plus a Super Discount shipping and handling fee of only $2.00 per item. You may cancel at any time to avoid future charges by contacting Customer Service at 1 (800) 427-3809.

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