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What’s that tiny little secret that I haven’t shared about why I look younger than my age??? It’s this magical little stick called Fill and Freeze. OMG, it gets rid of those nasty little lines around your eyes, and instantly takes off 10 years….REALLY!!

I first tried this product, because the company that I work for makes it, and I wanted to know the real truth! Yes, Minnie Driver promotes it, and she looks FAB, but how’s it going to work on the rest of us?!?! Here’s the thing that I was most impressed with. The Price. The price is really not that much difference from the typical L’Oreal, Cover Girl or other OTC stuff at Target. HOWEVER, the results are SO MUCH BETTER!!! I am hooked. I also liked the fact that the dude that created it, is a renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (there’s got to be some credibility in that, right?!?! So, for the money, you’re getting an at home facial every day for a fraction of the price.

This is what I use, as I purchased the kit. (Beachbody sells the kit at a fraction of the price of purchasing the products individually). It comes with micro peel resurfacing pads, that you use every couple of days. The jury is still out on that, as I forget to use them except every couple of weeks. When I do, my skin feels amazing. Then there is the Intensive Repair Serum followed by the Collagen Lift. These two products are amazing, and I have noticed that my age spots have lightened, if not disappeared altogether. The facial cleanser is ok, but I don’t use it all the time. To me, it feels like I’m washing my face with lotion. Now, the piece I love the most is Fill and Freeze, which is a little stick with a brush, and you dab it around your eyes. It makes them BRIGHT and gets rid of the lines. Dark circles – GONE!!! So worth the $$ just for this little gem!! (Did I say that already)?!?! I also use the night cream, which is not greasy, and you don’t wake up with a dry face. So, all in all, this product gets a two thumbs up!!!

Derm Exclusive Products Review


Wendy Fulkerson

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