21 Day Fix Recipes – Vanilla Fruit Bark

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21 Day Fix - Vanilla Fruit Bark

21 Day Fix Recipes – Vanilla Fruit Bark

1 1/2 Red Container Unsweetened Plain Greek Yogurt

1/2 Purple Container Mixed Berries

1/2 Blue Container Chopped Walnuts

10 drops Sweet Leaf Liquid Vanilla Creme Stevia



Combine yogurt, berries, nuts & Stevia together in bowl and mix well.  Pour out onto cookie sheet and make fairly thin. Put entire cookie sheet into freezer until hard.  Remove from freezer and break into pieces.  Store in ziplock in freezer or eat right away as a ‘Fix Friendly’ snack!!

***You can use any type of fruit or nuts that you would like, just be sure they are on the approved list***


Wendy Fulkerson

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  • Jessica Varner

    Where do I find the sweet leaf liquid vanilla creme stevia? Can I use frozen berries?

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