21 Day Fix Extreme Review: Changing Simple Fitness into Extreme!

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Autumn Calabrese takes simple fitness into extreme to get rid of the pesky pounds in just 21 days. 21 Day Fix Extreme is coming soon in February 2015, to get you involved in attaining complete fitness with no-nonsense training. Here are the details:

The New 21 Day FIX EXTREME program:

21 Day Fix Extreme is a complete functional system that aims to get you leaner and give you a more functional physique. The extreme workouts will help you torch the calories while the nutrition will build your body from the inside.
Here is the 21 Day Fix Extreme Update:

21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts:

21-day-fix-extreme21 day fix workouts revolve around cardio and resistance training techniques along with Plyo, Pilates and yoga routines to give you results in the shortest amount of time. These routines are divided upon 7 day. You will work on these routines to extreme for blasting fat, and achieving your fitness goals.
Total 21 Day Fix Extreme workout time will still be the same 30 minutes for 21 days. You will also get a modifier option for the workouts which will help you through the extremity of the routines.

21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition:

Autumn brings you the same simple nutrition of portion control to take out the guesswork of calorie counts. There will only be a few little things that are changed in the meal plan that was followed in the original 21 Day Fix.
So there you have it!
21 Day Fix Extreme will not just help you lose the weight but also attain a lean and muscular body while getting you absolutely bathing suit or bikini ready starting February 2015!

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